Lerik Safari had just begun when we noticed the road ahead completely blocked. Realizing there had been an accident, I asked the driver to stop. As I stepped out, I was met with a horrifying scene. Everyone seemed frozen, contemplating how fragile life is, staring in one direction without blinking. In that moment, I witnessed the fragility of life and how vulnerable we are.

As I walked around, the sight that struck me the most was that of an elderly woman sitting on the ground, her gaze fixed on the wrecked car, lost in thought. Perhaps just moments ago, she was laughing and chatting with someone, unaware of the tragedy that awaited. It was profoundly moving to see how swiftly life can change.

After a while, I came across the lifeless body of a woman, her face covered, lying on the ground. Who knows what dreams, thoughts, and hopes had vanished with her? It was clear that there was no medical assistance available on the bus.

Watching all this unfold, I realize that life doesn’t forgive carelessness. Let’s all be mindful not to mistreat our loved ones or our enemies.