Documentary photographer | Digital artist Elkhan Ganiyev

Photography is a magical art that captures the essence of moments. In a single frame, a timeless story is told. A photographer sees the world through a different lens, discovering the meaning behind every detail.  Photography is not just about capturing an image; it’s about expressing emotions and thoughts. Light merges with the dance of colors to create the soul of a photograph. Ultimately, photography not only captures memories but also provides a window into the human soul. Each frame is precious, akin to a work of art, taking the viewer on an emotional journey.


2012 – 2014 Photographer

2014 – 2015 | Graphic designer

2015 – 2016 | Graphic designer

2016 – 2017 | Photographer

2018 – Photographer




Elkhan Ganiyev, also known as Elxan Qəniyev, is an Azerbaijani documentary photographer and digital artist. He embarked on his professional photography journey in 2011 and has since participated in numerous local and international exhibitions, competitions, and trainings, garnering recognition for his work.

Ganiyev has been a member of the Azerbaijan Photographers Union since 2017. He has contributed his photography skills to various international events such as Formula 1, the Islamic Solidarity Games, and the European Games, earning accolades for his captivating images.

Currently, Ganiyev works as a documentary photographer and digital artist for the Press Service and Public Relations Department of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Azerbaijan. His portfolio includes a diverse range of genres, with a focus on lifestyle and portrait photography. He is known for his ability to capture captivating moments in all seasons, which have been widely covered in Azerbaijani media.



Elkhan Ehsan oghlu Ganiyev was born on November 12, 1994, in Ismayilli District, Azerbaijan. During his school years, he developed a keen interest in design and photography, which eventually led him to pursue a career in the field.

Ganiyev’s passion for photography led him to pursue additional education in computer courses and dental engineering, further honing his skills in various disciplines. He also participated in the “KJM Conflict Journalism School” organized by the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

In 2017, Ganiyev served as a trainer for the “PhotoMe” photography course organized by the “Herald of Culture” project of the “ASAN Volunteers” Organization, in partnership with YARAT Contemporary Art Space and with the media support of ASAN Radio.

In 2021, his photo depicting a homeless person living at the exit of the Sahil metro station in Baku garnered widespread media attention, shedding light on social issues in Azerbaijan.


Work Activity

Ganiyev’s professional journey began as a designer at Gamigaya Holding in 2016. He later joined ABAD under ARSACSSI in 2017 and was appointed Chief Specialist-Senior Inspector of the Public Relations and Information Support Department of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Azerbaijan in 2018.

Throughout his career, Ganiyev has participated in various exhibitions, showcasing his talent and contributing to the promotion of Azerbaijani culture and heritage. His work has been recognized through awards and accolades, including winning competitions such as “Minimalism” and “Fotolimp.”

Exhibitions and Awards

Ganiyev’s photographs have been featured in exhibitions highlighting human rights, multiculturalism in Azerbaijan, and the working conditions of Azerbaijan Airlines employees. He has also received awards for his contributions to environmental protection and artistic endeavors.